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Sonya Henna Hair & Body

sonya henna

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Sonya Henna Hair & Body 200G
Sonya Henna Hair & Body all 3 sizes
Les poudres de Henné Sonya Henna, les 3 tailles
Sonya Henna Hair & Body 100G
Sonya Henna Hair & Body 50G
Sonya Henna Powder is our finest 100% natural and organic henna powder. Freshly grown in the Sahara desert of southern Morocco, Sonya Henna is undoubtedly the strongest colour henna of dark red-brown.
Sonya Henna powder used for maximum color is always strongest when it is used within the first 12 months from harvest date if left at room temperature, whether used for hair or body. Sonya Henna powder is used as the raw material absolutely necessary to mix henna paste for hair colouring application and body cleanse.
Sonya Henna box contains a small vial (2ml) of Rosemary Essential Oil to use with mixing your Sonya Henna paste.

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