Chamomile Floral Water


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Chamomile Floral Water
Chamomile Floral Water

For sensitive and reactive skin 

Chamomile Floral Water (hydrolate) is an anti-inflammatory hydrosol.
It is an excellent active remedy for redness, irritation and allergic reactions.
Astringent and rebalancing, Chamomile Floral Water purifies the skin and gives it back tone.
Chamomile Floral Water is excellent care for sensitive, allergic or irritated skin: couperose, eczema, lesions, acne, psoriasis, urticaria.
Chamomile Hydrosol is prescribed for sensitive and dry skin.
Its aroma is floral and herbaceous, it’s like putting sun in your hair.

Chamomile Floral Water has anti-inflammatory properties and calming effect of its active ingredients on burns due to the sun.
Chamomile Hydrosol brings tone to your skin, tightens pores and softens small imperfections without being tough on skin.

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