Lavender Floral Water


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Lavender Floral Water
Lavender Floral Water

100% Pure Toner for Face, Hair and Skin 

Our Lavender Hydrosol refreshes and restores skin damage.
Lavender Floral Water calms and refreshes both your skin and your mind. Use this light and refreshing toner to restore clarity, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and bring healing and restoration to your skin.
Apply daily to get maximum benefits. Lavender Floral Water can be used several times a day.
Use Lavender Water for:
– Heal scars, burns and stains
– Restore the skin and balance PH
– Decrease fine lines and wrinkles
– Reducing Symptoms of Acne
– Calm and refresh your mind from the stress of the day
– Bring a radiant glow to cellular reproduction

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